The Gourd Project

The Gourd Project was a collaborative, process-oriented sculpture project developed by Susan Camp in conjunction with the members and supporters of the Troy Howard Middle School Garden. This project was supported by a Public Art Sculpture Grant from the Maine Arts Commission and the Harry Faust art Fund. This project involved constraining gourds in molds as they grew. Susan and a student team decided to use forms that represent local freshwater bio-indicators, specifically frogs and brook trout. Freshwaterbio-indicators can be used to help determine the health of freshwater habitats.  Susan made 20 molds based on prototypes she created and shared with the team. The garden team, and community volunteers under the direction of Jon Thurston planted and tended the gourds and helped place them in the molds.

The gourds that retained their shape after curing were used to create an outdoor installation for the new solar building at the community garden, and a frog-lady figure that greets visitors at the greenhouse.

Detail - gourd-fish on the building.

Frog-lady side view.